Tuesday, October 27, 2015


I finished the extremely modified jumper. It is super cute, and super soft. I really love this yarn, and everything I knit with it.
Now for blocking and buttons. I should probably also weave in ends. I am not so good at getting that done. I wore a shawl the other day, that I knit about a year ago. My husband pointed out that I still had not woven in ends. I will get to it. Someday, when there is nothing to knit. 

I snuck a picture of my adult child, because it made me happy. She is wearing a shawl she knit, with a hat she knit, and using the yarn she is currently knitting with as a pillow. 

These are the kind of college party pictures I generally expected from her. Also, this was about 7:30pm. 

While I am catching up the knitting chatter, my little baby boy is dancing away in my tummy. He has been very active this morning. I have been able to feel him since about 15 weeks, but there was a huge change in his movements and he became much more energetic and strong about 20 weeks, which is when this picture was taken. I have been taking some to send to the sister wife. I had not intended to share them with anyone else, but I had to since he is being rather insistent right now. 

I have put off our big anatomy scan that they generally do at 18-20 weeks. It terrifies me. It brings fear to the the center of my soul, with no reason. I should have had it a month ago. So I have agreed to go tomorrow. Ahh! Just praying he is as perfect as he seems to be. 

He has to be. I ordered a new co-sleeper. That has to mean something, right?


  1. He is going to be perfect. Absolutely perfect. And that jumper. It's so snugly looking. I wanna cuddle your baby in that jumper. It is taking a very impressive amount of will power for me to stare with great envy at your snugly jumper and not cast one on for Lily. Dang. As I was typing I realized I have pink yarn that would be PERFECT and Lily would look so good in this shade of pink. STOP ENABLING ME WITH YOUR PICTURES OF SNUGGLY JUMPERS! Ps. I love you.

  2. You. Must. Knit. This. Jumper!! Lily needs it, in perfect pink. I promise!!
    Love you too!