Thursday, September 5, 2013

What pictures?

I will eventually get pictures up. What good is a knitting blog with no pictures?? But every time I try to upload one I get an error. Silly blogger. For now you will just have to imagine the perfect little red baby Cardigan with matching headband and custom made (by pk designs) buttons. You will also have to imagine the back and half of the front of "Hey Teach" that I am knotting in a beautiful rust color. It is a delicious pattern, and a delicious yarn. (Simply soft cotton from knitpicks, which I am a bit addicted to) In other news, I dyed my hair this week. That in itself is not to interesting. What is interesting is how it happened. My daughter decided she wanted to do something different and color her hair a dark purple color. Good enough. I have had many colors in my life time. So we went to the beauty supply, and she picked out her shade, and I decided that while I was there I might as well get my usual red brown color. We came home and I put her color on. Then I put my color on. Then I rinsed her. Her hair was a lovely shade of red brown, which we both loved. Hmmmm.... Then I rinsed me. Goth girl all the way. My hair was black with bright purple highlights. Not the best look for a 30 something mother of five. Not a food look indeed. I washed and washed, hoping to make it lighten. It didn't. I then send an urgent text to my hair angel, Netti. I usually never touch my own hair. Really. My dear Netti was able to get me in. She looked awhile. She said "oh my" a lot. She played with it awhile, saying "hmm." Then said there was nothing to do but bleach it out and color over the orange. My poor hair. So we bleached. And bleached. And I became a glorious fifth element shade of orange. Then Dear Netti colored it and it became red. It is much more me, and I am thankful for red. Black and I don't get along so well.

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  1. I NEED pictures, especially if you took any of your goth hair! I have had to bleach my hair a glorious orange as well. Twice. Good thing hair grows right?