Friday, September 6, 2013

Will you knit for me? (A title from every knitting blog ever)

Do you see it?? The beautiful WIP? Tell me this worked. My fingers are crossed. It worked! That is "Hey Teach!" In other knitting news, I frogged the baby dress I am making. I was knitting, and knitting, and thinking "this yarn really sucks. The color is lovely for an amazingly special little girl, but this yarn is itchy, and not at all nice." And then I became ADD and was stocking a blog I love. She had not blogged in ages, so I had not checked in weeks... sure enough she was blogging again. And you know what she said? She doesn't love this yarn. She just happened to mention on her blog that she has no love foe this yarn. It just so happens that this blogger is my hero, and it also just so happens that the item being knit is another item for the small human she is currently making. So I frogged, thankful for her opinion as I pulled each stitch. It really is that bad. Wool of the Andes, you I do not love. This all bring me to my final thought of the day. No, I don't usually knit for other people. They don't appreciate the time and money that goes into my awesomeness. I will knit for another knitter though. They know. Yes, they know. So please do not take offense to me not knitting for you. I would love to teach you to knit, but until you have been there it is hard to really appreciate what goes into a hand knit item. They are that amazing.

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