Friday, September 27, 2013

A soft gown for a sweet angel

I can't express my thoughts and feelings. There are not words. It has been such an honor to be chosen to knit a sleeping gown, and a burial gown for such an amazing spirit. One that was much to strong for this world, so will be born still. The ache in my heart for my dear friend is so tangible I could touch it. She labors now. It won't be long before she brings this beautiful, perfect baby girl into the world. Her heart and soul will shatter as she returns her daughter back to the arms of her Mother Earth. She will heal physically, but her heart will never be fully whole again. Her arms will be burdened with emptiness. I have felt pain of my own through the loss of my 12 angels, but I have never experienced a loss so great. A living Christ hears her cries and feels her anguish. He has felt this exact pain. He is the only one to turn to that truly understands.


  1. I read this just now and can hardly breathe. I still can't express properly my gratitude.