Monday, August 26, 2013

Phone blogging

While in the shower. That's how I roll, or at least how I roll today. First, how on earth is it fall again? I have a week until the official start of school, and I am still 100% undecided on curriculum. I am really feeling lost this year. I know what I want to focus on, just not exactly how I want to do it. My third child has a very different learning style, and he has this momma stumped. He wants to learn, and is eager, but nothing seems to be sticking. I love this dear kid. I am very excited to announce that I get to start baby knits!! A dear friend took one for the team. Thanks for that Buddy. I appreciate your willingness to do the whole morning sickness, and getting beautifully yet uncomfortably round for me. Because I know she did this simply for my knitting pleasure. I plan to start with a cardigan in cotton, then move to a sweet little dress... still in cotton. She lives in a place that is a couple degrees above hell. I am pretty sure that means a lot of cotton, with a little alpaca thrown in for sanity. Of course that doesn't mean I won't be knitting a Cardigan on the side for myself. These cardigans... get me..every. single. Time.

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