Thursday, October 31, 2013

A teacher is also a student

As I sit and ponder the problems I am having with my very special child I was prompted to read a talk from LDS General conference. It is a talk by David M Mcconkie titled "Teaching with the Power and Authority of God.". I had no intentions of reading it this morning. I had already done my scripture study, and was ready to plunge into the rest of my day. I had the prompting to swipe over and read the next talk. I know the talk is about teaching classes in church, but it is also about teaching as a mother. It is about feeling the spirit, and choosing to be OK. Does this make everything clear? Not even close. Will it change me, and I will become the perfect teacher? Nope. Will it tweek me just a tad and make me the perfect teacher for THIS child? Some days maybe. And for now? That is enough. Hand it over to God. He's got this. That is a line I wrote while in tears after a church lesson a few weeks ago. Easier said than done. I am trying, and that's the best we can get.

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