Tuesday, November 5, 2013

On the road again

We are headed back to Primary Children's again today, on account of some blood work that came back scary. We are there weekly right now. I can't say that I mind the time away. I wish that it wasn't because things with my son are so bad, but still, I don't mind the time away at all. I enjoy the many hours in the car with my little boy. We don't get near enough time alone together. We talk, and listen to books. He plays on his kindle. Then after the Dr we always go have lunch together. We generally visit a yarn store, which I would like to pretend is for him. It totally isn't, though he enjoys it too. He likes to pick out yarn so that I can make him something. He is a big fan of hand knits. Today while we are away I will be working on the sweater for him out of the yarn he chose while we were there last week. It is another simple, top down out of my own brain. I knit it once, and it didn't leave any growing room. Unfortunately he insist on doing a good amount of growing, so I frogged, and started again. I must say that I am very pleased this time. Very pleased indeed. Except that this bigger size uses more yarn. Yarn which I didn't buy, because I didn't intend to use it. I suppose it is a good thing we are headed back today.
See? A bit snug.

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