Thursday, November 14, 2013

It hates me, but I love it!

The red sweater below? The one I had to frog? You know, that sweater. Yeah, it hates me. First it decided to be too small for a growing boy. No big deal, I love to knit. Knitting this yarn a couple of times is a pleasure. But then??? It hid the last ball of yarn from me. It waited until I had finished a ball of yarn, and was ready foe the very last one, and you know what it did? It totally his that ball. I spent days searching for it, tearing the house apart. Looking in the fridge, under the beds, in the large scary closet. You never know where a nearly finished sweater that hates you will hide that ball of yarn. And you know where I found it?? Right where I put it. I put it on the shelf, in my stash. I knew where I had put it, and had looked there at least fifty times and it was not there. I swear. I know what happened though. The sweater put the dang thing back when I wasn't looking! He is a sneaky one. I bet he just laughed, and laughed, and laughed! I thought we had come to an understanding after that. That we had come to an agreement. I could love him fully, with all my heart. He would put up with my tender touch because no one wants to live e without sleeves when it will be 20 below soon. So he allowed me to cast his sleeve on. We worked well together, in a soft, easy relationship...... for two rounds. Then you know what he did? He broke my size seven Chiaogoo!! Can you believe the nerve? I think he and the cozy Cardigan have been exchanging letters on how to best destroy my knitting joys. But I have them beat! (Shh, don't tell them I said that!) I have a secret weapon. My bff buff, level 7. She came dancing in, in her cape and tights, with a new size seven. And I knit. I knit, and knit. And I am determined to win. This will become a wearable sweater.

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