Monday, March 21, 2016

A series of fortunate events

Because I have once again fallen behind, I intend to up date with several posts in a shorter time frame. I say intend to, because I don't know that it will actually happen. My intentions are good.

When we left off, I was still gestating, off of bed rest, and ever so patiently waiting for labor to begin. All of my children arrived between 35-36 weeks of pregnancy. Since I had been dealing with preterm labor, and had finally gotten off of bed rest after nine long weeks, I felt certain my little guy would come early as well. He had plans of his own. We went to doctor appointment after doctor appointment. We went twice weekly, and spent several hours each time. We had an ultrasound, NST, and visit with the Dr. Time and time again, nothing was happening, but baby looked amazing. I fluctuated hourly from "I am done!" To " I'm not ready! ". I felt huge, and his little head was so low! I had real contractions all the time. I peed my pants hourly (sorry, being real) I got morning sickness if I ate any sugar or carbs, and we can't even start on the heartburn!!  While we are being honest, my mental health took a dive at the end and I really struggled. The hormones were just too much, and I didn't feel right. Then at 38 weeks I got sick. For real. Sick universe joke. Coughing when things are already leaky? Awesome. I took antibiotics and hopes he wouldn't arrive until I felt better. He obeyed.  I had my membranes stripped after I was feeling a bit better, and was dilated to a 4 and 85%. That was a Friday. We waited and walked all weekend. The pressure was on. I was told I had until thefollowibg Thursday to get things done before we needed to induce for the baby's sake. I was terrified of induction, so I was really hoping to get this thing done!!  I went in on Monday for my regular appointment, and I was sure I had made progress. I was checked and found to be..  Ready? A 2 and 70%. What!!?? Wrong direction.  At that point I lost all hope, and just assumed it would be an induction on that Thursday.  Sure enough, that is what happened.

Here I am after a day in the hospital after a fall.. A fall where I tried on a chicken. Yes, a chicken.  The bruising was horrific. 

During this time, I knit. I knit for all I was worth, slowly. Everything was slow. 

The blessing pants. I really hate knitting baby pants! 

There boyfriend cabled sweater for my dear farm helper, Benjamin. 

And a S

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