Saturday, March 26, 2016

The hospital stay

I have always gone home after 24 hours, and though I begged to go, they made me start 48 hours. Kevin started with me nearly the whole time. It really was amazing.

My first nurse was hard to handle. She argued when I told her what would be allowed with my baby, and was just generally difficult. I was extremely lucky that all of my other nurses were lovely.

Our first visitors were my good friend Jessica, and  her husband Tyler.  My big brother Kasey and his wife Heather came at the same time.
My "other daughter" Ashley also came to see us. She and Kyra have been best friends since first grade.
My friends Marci, and Sky also came to say hello,
and then my father in law came by.
My parents also made a quick stop.

The first 48 hours was magical. I didn't put him down excpet for Dr exams and his hearing test. I was able to focus on my sweet miracle, and to truly enjoy bonding with him.

 My birthday happened to be while I was in the hospital, and the cafeteria sent this awesome cake. Super nice. Also, it was amazing.

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