Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Pregnancy progress in pictures.

I have been taking pictures of this pregnancy all along, mainly for the sister wife's benefit. I didn't intend to share them, but have decided to do so. I may even have a series of pregnancy posts, now that I am far enough along that he could live outside of the womb, and be considered a person by others than myself.
Before, modeling my Gwendolyn sweater.
12 weeks:

16 weeks:

18 weeks wearing Liesl:
 19 weeks:
 20 weeks:

21 weeks:
Almost 22, wearing Gramps Cardi:

23 weeks:

24 weeks:
28 weeks
31 weeks

33 weeks. Wearing my 3x  tractor shirt from Tennessee, and looking a lot grouchier than I feel. I didn't crop this photo because it made me laugh. And cry. Moo.

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  1. You are stunning...and seeing you last week, you look even better! Love this!