Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Let the Christmas knitting begin

 It is almost December. Maybe I should have let the knitting begin a tad sooner.  I have three major projects, so I will be doing a fair amount of knitting.

 I am starting with this 100% silk from Maharashtra. It is divine. It will be a shirt for my mother. I feel confident that putting that out there will not ruin the surprise considering that she has yet to learn to turn a computer on. Her daughter stalking skills are not up to par. 
The pattern is Walk Along
I wanted to share a couple of excuses why I am late to the knitting for Christmas party. 

I knit two pair of these boot cuffs. I added adorable wooden buttons, and sent them promptly on their way to the intended home.   Without pictures of the finished product. Oops. 

The pattern was well written, and easy, but left a huge line of purl sts up the back.
Cabled boot topper
I added my own design feature, which I didn't notice until the topper was done. I left it. I know!!! But maybe they will never notice, or think it is "charming."
Then I knit these boot cuffs, which turned out killer cute. 
And in the biggest news of all time, I finally finished these pants!! They are super cute, but I almost hate them. They. Took. So. Very. Long!!  And my needles broke. Dang tiny needles. But they are done, and yay! The pattern is from inside my brain. I remember none of it. Sorry. 

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