Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pretty sure it doesn't count, right?

If you slip and your needles accidentally cast on a hat. I figure accidents dhoukdnt count. Especially since I finished one blanket, and frogged a shawl. Frogging is kindof cheating, and I understand that.. but since I forgot to mention the shawl, I figure it kind of even out. I really don't have a choice in this casting on though. The amazing hub decided he needs a Christmas hat. A knight hat, with face mask to be specific. Considering that I didn't get him a single thibg for Christmas, I figure I better start knitting the hat. I am calking an emergency knit day for home school, which means I will put on educational television while I knit. I feel OK about this. Knitting is the important thing, right? Who needs an education? Pictures to come soon. Shhh, don't tell the hubby. It is a surprise, and he won't have a clue since he doesn't read my blog.

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