Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Just like molasses

that is how the knitting is coming along. It is easy to lose motivation around the holidays when there are so many things to do, and life is so busy. And you can't catch anything new on.I have yet to bind of a single project. I have met a few rows on one blanket and if you on the other. That is about it. I really need to cast on a pair of socks and a chemo cap. Of course I swore I wouldn't cast anything more on until I finish these projects. Do I stick to that? Or maybe I spend note time knitting to speed things up a bit. My business goes gang busters this time of year, so that is where my time is going. I love my business, and its busyness. That makes me happy as well. I shipped out 5 orders yesterday, four the day before, had four more cone in last night, and a handful of others that I am still working on. Life is good. I started a fodder growing experiment for the girls. I figure that with 15 does my total goat weight is about 2,000 pounds. Each goat needs 1% fodder growth to maintain their weight, and 3% if they are a working animal. For my girls that means close to 10 pounds of seed per day. Each pound of seed produces about 6-8 pounds of fodder. It is a good thing I am a knitter. That math may have overwhelmed me if I was an ordinary human or something. This isn't the time to tell me my math is wrong, either. see... like my knitting projects, I will notice the error as time goes on. But I do think it is correct, and the girls should be happy... or they would be if I could get the fodder to grow. Everyone said it was fool proof. They apparently didn't realise that fool can be taken to a whole new level in my world. That, and a fully brown thumb, and the fiddler is going slowly. It is growing, but it is supposed to be ready to feed by day seven, and here we are in day four and it has sprouted a little... there are some roots, but no agrees growth. I am sprouting wheat, kidney beans, and lentils. Here is hoping for miracle growth the next few days.

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