Thursday, August 4, 2011

All I want for my birthday is

a crib.

Those are the words that my husband has been saying. Of course he doesn't really mean that is all he wants, but it is at the top of his list. Apparently he is ready for our sweet, cuddly baby to give his own room a try. The baby is (only) 15 months. I figure we still have awhile before we need to purchase a crib. I say we save the money to get one of the other items on his little list. Maybe the nice basketball shoes? The TV? The blue ray player?

Anything you want for your birthday honey. As long as it makes me equally happy. Because I am generous and giving like that.

Good thing we still have over a month to decide.

PS In all fairness I really am fine with buying my husband a crib, even if it is only so that I can say that I bought my husband a crib for his birthday. I am also fine with having the baby start the night in his own bed, then moving to ours when he wakes. I think we are both in agreement with this. Now there shall be no flaming.

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