Saturday, May 2, 2015

And then, I fed the pigs

Home steading is such a spiral.  Justification is taken to a whole new level here, people.

So let's talk about my journey. It started with a horse, for whom we rented a pasture. Why waste money on renting a pasture when we could buy land and have equity? No reason. Buy land. Sister wife who is not actually my husband's wife says "look at all this land! Can I get just one little goat? Just one." We get the goat. The goat seller (Hi Amy, goat dealer) says " goats need a companion, they don't do well alone. ". Which worked out rather well for me since I had fallen in love with a little goat. Get second goat. Pick up milk for little goats, fall in love with a doe in milk. The baby goats need milk, let's save money and buy a goat in milk. Buy goat in milk. Fall deeply in love with Polly, the doe in milk. Decide I must have another doe in milk. Hi, Kandy!!
This is where things get a little fuzzy. I don't know all the details, certain parts are black (probably from so much bliss)  in my mind.  But suddenly 15 goats in milk. And some sheep. And alpacas.  Well it would seem that the only logical thing here is to get a buck. The girls need to be bred. Logical. Well then, it only makes sense that if we need a buck to breed the does, we need a ram to breed the ewes. Enter ram stage left.
Things are good. Very good. I love my life, and all of my girls and the milking, and the goat sex. Well heck, if I can milk goats I can surely milk a cow, right?? We NEED a cow.

Enter cow. Hi, Bessibelle! Bessie creates another cow. Enter cow two. Hello, Salisbury. Discover that Bessie is a milk cow. Literally. She gives a lot of milk. A lot. We bocome the zucchini people of the dairy world, begging others to take milk, leaving it in cars in the church parking lot, and on doorsteps at midnight.  Too much milk. Logically there really is only one thing to do.

Pigs. The only logical thing is pigs.
Meet Hillshire and Johnson. 

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