Wednesday, April 9, 2014

100 happy days

I am going to take the 100 happy days challenge. I will blog a happy thing each day.I want to have a record of looking for the good in my life, because there's so, so much. Today I am happy for the blessing of good friendship. Not just good, but the best. The kind where you know each other's souls, good and bad, and you love each other anyway. Where you don't even have to tell a secret to have it known. The kind where you just connect on every level, even over 2,000 miles. The kind where you just know that everything is going to always be ok. This friend is the kind that will take a fingering weight, color work sweater, knit on size threes and throw it away. She listened for weeks as I whined about how very much I hated this nearly complete sweater. How much I hated the shape, color, fit... how much I hated that I couldn't start anything else until it was done, but How I didn't want to keep working on it. About how I was stupid to have ever said I had to finish everything on my needles. She is the kind of friend that walked into my kitchen, grabbed the sweater, and walked away with it. I am sure the sweater is as equally happy as I am. It is being happily knit by the most talented, appreciative knitter that has ever been born. And that knitter loves that sweater, and will wear it They will live together in pure joy and bliss. As for me? I have moved on and have happily knit three pair off socks, a wave sweater, which I frogged, and this: And that, my friends, is a blog of love. Knitpicks basic raglan jacket, in knitpicks tweed. Courtesy of the amazing man in my life that still buys me yarn, even when he thinks I already have to much, and is continually having to fight back stash.

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  1. I love the 100 happy days challenge. I'm really enjoying looking for moments to be happy each day. I can't wait to see all the things that make you happy. Seeing you blog makes me happy :)