Tuesday, July 5, 2016

What the what??? Four months?m

So, the wee one just turned four months. How did that happen??
I miss a week of blogging, and then another, and then I am overwhelmed and blogging it too much. Then I feel guilty, because I really like blogging, and i want this record. 

So here is picture overload. 

Loving his Uncle

"Mommy knit me this sweater"

Sister is a little mother.

More sweater show off.
Bath time cuddles

Sister wife knit the sweater, mommy knit the pants. 

He loves the adorable baby in the mirror. 

My dear friend Joanie knit this sweater. He wore it a lot!

No!!  He is a TV bug like his daddy. This is from our first trip to salt lake. 

Swimming with sister.. that face!

Bath with mommy. 

Mommy won't leave her boob here, so I must use my fist. 

I post this picture 

To show off the boob crack he gets when he sleeps in his side  

So many memes could be had with this one.

He loves to eat the blanket Ash made. 

He is rolling over, putting everything in his mouth. And being less fussy. I talk to him and he grins so very big!

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