Friday, June 26, 2015

When good knitting goes bad, oh high hopes!

Things on the knitting front have been rather stagnant. The Monica is on the new needles, being completely neglected. The socks resemble socks now. And high hopes?? Yes, let's talk about high hopes, and the emotional roller coaster she has taken me on.

So far, she has been like the bad girlfriend, that won't let you go, but won't commit. Or maybe I am the bad girlfriend. I have had some serious monogamy issues with this knit, my friends. I was so loyal when I first saw her. I wined and dined her. I spent large amounts of money on her, and spent much time thinking about, and longing for her. But then?? As many relationships go, once I had her things felt a little less new and shiny.
But I decided that I had committed, and I really loved her cables, so I cast on. We knit on comfortably, but slowly for awhile. I thought things were going well. I though we were marginally happy anyway. We carried on for a few weeks, and several skeins of yarn in this marginally happy state, and i believed things were ok, until she gives me a slap to the face by saying "I need you to do more. I need you to do the impossible to show me that you love me. I need you to pick up the cast on stitches. " To this I shook my head and said "absolutely. I can absolutely do this thing for you." And then she looked at me, and she said "In pattern." And my head spun. I felt so betrayed. Crushed. She obviously knew from the start that she wanted me to again knit those stitches, so why in the name of all that is holy didn't she tell me that at first, and ease my pain with a provisional cast on?? Why?? An intricate pattern of a million little cables, and she calmly asks me to "pick up those stitches, in pattern, and continue on for the front." It was almost to much, but I went on. I picked up those stitches over and over, and got sort of, a little bit, reasonably close to "in pattern" and I called it good, though I felt no true satisfaction. Then I spoke to her. I told her i was doing my best, and wanted to stay together. I wanted to keep trying. And she said " ok, then knit row one of the cable chart. "  I wanted to argue. I really did. I wanted to point out that there was already a row one of cable chart where we had cast on, knit row one of the cable chart, and then picked up those cast on stitches. It seemed to me that maybe we should be doing row two of the cable chart if we truly wanted to seemlessly keep the pattern. But she insisted it was best to start with row one, so I did.
It turns out that I get to say a big fat "told you so" here. Ok, so maybe not the best thing for our relationship. And then things just went down hill from there. 

And although you can see her sexy appeal, things just kept getting worse. In the back she said to repeat the cable chart twice every for rows.. Then in the front she changes her mind and says to repeat it every row. This straw was so close to breaking that camel's back. So close. 

I took a closer look at her construction, which is so clever. 

But totally whack. 
Inspite all of this I love her. I really do. 
But sometimes you must let go of the things you love most to allow them to become more. 

So I had to break up with her. 
Sometimes things just are not meant to be. 

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  1. I've been doing a bit of the same lately. You're better off without her.