Friday, October 19, 2012

The hardest easy knit

Usually a trip to the yarn store is the best thing ever. But sometimes it isn't. Sometimes it is to buy yarn for a very special little angel baby. Today is one of those days. I got a text from a very dear friend this morning letting me know that her sweet little angel had passed. My heart is so broken. No one can fully understand the pain of a loss like this, but we know that it feels like the world has stopped and will never be right again. So today I knit. I knit for a dream that is not meant to be fulfilled here on Earth. I knit because I don't know how to fix this, or how to make it better. I knit because it is the only answer I have. Dear sweet baby, you are loved and will be missed.


  1. I'm so glad you are there to do this for her. I am mourning with you both. Hug her for me.

  2. You are amazing. I know she will absolutely love it. Thank you for keeping us updated. <3